Kokernag, located in the Anantnag district of the state Jammu and Kashmir is a beautiful and alluring destination and a big hit among tourists seeking serenity and natural beauty. The place is blessed with amazing natural beauty and is home to the several varieties of plants and flowers

Being situated at an elevation of 2020 meters above sea level, it is a popular weekend getaway from Srinagar. The most important and well known tourist attraction of the city Kokernag is the Papashudan Nad, the magical and healing spring which lures thousands of tourists to the valley every year. One of the exciting features of the spring is its water, which is very well known because of its unique digestive properties and medicinal value. Kokernag Waterfall, a fresh water spring in Kokernag is another well identified attraction which further adds to its beauty. The collection of springs in Kokernag seems to produce an image of a cock's claws or of a "Kocker".

The name of the city, “Kokernag” has been derived from two words, Koker and Nag. The word “Koker” is being taken from a Kashmiri word "Morgee" which means chicken while the word “nag” has been taken from Sanskrit word "Nag" which means snake.

The festivals in Kokernag are extremely colourful and their celebrations exude a sense of unity and feeling of brotherhood.