About Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir have bewitching beauty and its emblem of beautiful lakes , mountains, springs , meadows etc . It attracts every heart and brings freshness and liveliness to everyone who drenches into its beauty , dances on the beautiful notes of mesmerising beauty of Kashmir. There are perhaps the most frequently quoted lines to describe the matchless beauty of Kashmir – a veritable paradise on earth. Certainly the beauty of the valley delights, stuns and humbles the visitor.. Kashmir is equally known for its hospitality which have no measure across the globe, people are very caring , loving and amiable . Their perspective attracts everyone from all corners of life , they have a sharing shoulder and helping hand. Kashmir is basically a vessel of diverse religion and distinctive culture in all the three regions of Kashmir, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir.kashmir is a place of Sufi saints,poets and famous historians.Kashmir is also best known for its ravishing arts and crafts like carpets, woven carpets, woolen shawls, rugs, and pottery are wonderfully embellished. Kashmir is also epitome of the traditional and well designed boats which are generally called as Shikaras and house boats made of wood . While taking a ride in these famous "Shikaras " in famous 'Dal lake' one forget the miseries and burdens of heart , such solace taken out of these rides . Thus, the tradition and culture of Jammu and Kashmir is a compound one. The extraordinary Music of Kashmir is "Sufi Kalam " which is mostly admired and generic .The Dress code of Kashmir is quite attractive, elegant, unique and graceful which itself looks modish in appearance with its traditional silver jewelry. The valley of Kashmir is boarded by snow clothed Himalian mountains,herbs,saffron, leviander, some medicinal plants, and has vast spread of sparkling streams, haughty and hostile mountains, fast-moving water, snooty crags, dappled Chinar orchards, large lakes, and pine jungles.kashmir is very famous for its dry fruits and apples in the world.kashmir is also an attraction for winter sports which attracts visitors and athletes from different countries who enjoy Skiing and other winter sports .