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Drass Second Coldest inhabitant place in World

A small town that is 60 km away from Kargil, and 144 km away from Srinagar, located on Srinagar Kargil National Highway.Drass is often refered to as 'The Gateway to Ladakh'. The Drass valley is formed by the Drass River which rises in the Machio glacier located at the famous ZOZILA pass. The river is joined in its course by other river & small streams following in from snow fields nearby mountains. Drass has become famous as the 2nd coldest inhibited place in the world after Siberia. The temperature in Drass drops to minus 45 and the wind chill factor is even greater during summer. Drass can be quite pleasant till ending September and sometimes it is hot at noon.

One the most popular activities which travellers can enjoy is trekking. Drass also offers soft and moderate treks; the famous trekking in Drass is Suru Valley trek. The people of drass are of Dard Descent and Indo – Aryan race believed to have originally migrated to Ladakh from central Asia. The language of Drass is Shina which is an Indo – Aryan Language. Camping and hiking are very pleasurable. Picnicking is popular in summer in Drass. Drass has extensive Willow Grove along the river. The Altitude of Drass is 3300 mtr. It also snows in Drass. Drass has other tourist attractions like Dropati Kund (a sacred pond for hindus), Bhimbath or the Bhim’s Stone, Rock Carving at Stiaqbo. There are some war sites also. The Famous Tiger Hill is also visible from Drass.